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Puma New Shoes

While she said the NDP will bring back the slot machine Puma New Shoes program at the province's racetracks, she made no mention of the OLG modernization plan or the status of Sault Ste. Marie's headquarters.

Puma New Shoes

Puma New Shoes

They include the purchase of 200 additional snowplows and sand trucks, a new fund to help people retrofit homes to make them more energy efficient, freezing tuition fees, a promise to eliminate waiting lists for long term care beds and long emergency room waiting lists by increasing the number of nurse practitioners and a plan to open new 24 hour health clinics.

know our highways are a lifeline to the people in the North, she said, adding that New Democrats want to ensure that they are upgraded to protect Northerners.

While the platform does not have a portion dedicated directly to Northern Ontario, Horwath said her platform, called A Plan That Makes Sense, has other items that will benefit Northerners.

Liberals have said that the Financial services Commissioner of Ontario has confirmed an auto insurance premium reduction of 6% has already taken place.

Smaller businesses will be rewarded with a job creation tax credit, the small business tax rate will be cut to 3% over time and the province will work to attract manufacturing jobs by providing incentives for upgrades and expansions.

The Liberals have countered that they had a similar plan to appoint an accountability officer but the Puma Shoes Womens Sale

Puma New Shoes

Puma New Shoes

The NDPs also plan to balance the budget by 2017 18, the same year that the Liberal's have promised to do so and one year later than the Progressive Conservatives plan and will appoint a minister of savings and accountability to help with that process.

Puma New Shoes

Horwath also promised to reduce auto insurance rates by 15 per cent in the first year, something the Liberals have already taken credit for.

province in a teleconference, said she understands the importance of widening the province's highways.

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´╗┐NDP unveil its election platform

Puma New Shoes

NDP have not approved the names of two individuals chosen by the Liberals.

The NDP platform also includes a promise to restore passenger service on Ontario Northland Rail.

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The service, which operated at a loss before it was cancelled in 2012, was often considered a transportation lifeline for many who used it to travel to southern Ontario for medical treatments.

Horwath, who unveiled the party's platform in Toronto but spoke to reporters in other parts of the Puma Ducati

back the race track program and breath life back into the horseracing industry, which has been shrunk and devastated by the Liberals, she said.

Other aspects of the plan include increase the province's corporate tax rate, a promise to conduce an environmental assessment on pipeline projects and create efficiencies in Ontario Hydro and pass the savings on to consumers.

While Horwath wasn't able to comment on where the highways would receive the improvements in each year of the plan, she said that would be up to the priorities of the communities.

Puma New Shoes

A provincial NDP government would widen 60 kilometres of Northern highways annually, increasing the transportation lifeline for Northerners, leader Andrea Horwath said.

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