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the crown, in agreeing to the defence proposal, had cited the significant amount of the donation to an organization in need.

"there is a larger story here that we don't intend to address,'' she said, adding "there often is more in these resolutions than what is provided (to the court)."

better if they just stepped aside and let natural justice, which in cases like this would be the law of the jungle, run its course.

in this city.

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although 10 days were set aside for the trial, a plea deal was struck in which greganti was allowed to plead guilty to a charge of simple assault. the charges against levar and delavelle were dismissed.

you may recall extra security being required at the courthouse for a trial four years ago in which four local men were accused of beating another, a trial in which a witness said he had been threatened and which saw an altercation break out right inside the courthouse.

in fact, some probably thought it was the wisest thing he could have done.

AS THE DEBATE RAGES over whether disgraced quarterback Michael Vick should be allowed to return to the national Football league, i can understand the feeling of those who say he should be allowed to return since he has his done time for his role in a dogfighting operation.

ontario court Justice John Kukurin had heard Boucher was walking into the Hard times Bar and grill when a large suV pulled up and two "gentlemen'' jumped out and struck Boucher several times. When reporting the attack at the time, police had said a blunt weapon was used.

i can also understand those who believe he should be banned forever because of the extreme cruelty he displayed in hanging, electrocuting and drowning dogs that brought on his displeasure by losing.

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only Whalen, who pleaded guilty and was sentenced as the trial of the other three ent to jail.

they had to be asking themselves, what's the use?

with two for one had served the equivalent of a

i sometimes wonder if it might be Puma Red Bull Shoes

ontario court Justice James greco approved the plea deal that saw greganti make an $1,800 donation to the teen centre a penalty assessed instead of a fine.

But i am surprised that goodell seemed to follow the same line of thinking, asking only that Vick show "genuine remorse."

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in that war torn country

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there was no doubt at the time the teen centre was in need but justice would have been better served, if indeed it was served at all, by the money going into government coffers, considering the resources that had been sucked up by a case that had gone on for two years.

nine month jail term while greganti had been on bail, also had been the victim of assaults.

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and it is just too bad that we can't have a full trial so the community at large can see what it is and why witnesses might be reluctant to testify in cases involving the violent subculture that law enforcement has to deal with Puma Pink And Blue

Hallam's lawyer Jennifer tremblay Hall said her client, who had been in custody since his arrest and Puma Black And Gold

along the way to a verdict, it just so happened a material witness who was to undergo cross examination by the defence didn't appear and there was even some speculation that the complainant wouldn't show.

´╗┐Natural justice may have produced better result

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undoubtedly Vick Puma Shoes For Men Grey has satisfied the requirements of society legally, whether or not the cruelty he displayed was taken into account in sentence.

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undoubtedly there is.

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When douglas Boucher decided last week that he'd rather go fishing than appear in court to testify against Wesley Hallam and Michael greganti, two men accused of assaulting him with a weapon outside a west end bar in March, probably not all that many people connected with law enforcement and the judicial system in this city were surprised.

all the debate now, of course, is moot because it is after the fact, nFl commissioner roger goodell having already given the oK for Vick to return. the highest paid player in the league with a $37 million contract when he was with the atlanta Falcons, Vick is already practising with the Philadelphia Eagles who signed him to a one year deal for $1.6 million with a team option for a second year at $5.2 million.

With Boucher's absence al lowing Michael greganti to walk away from charges of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon and his co accused, Wesley Hallam, being allowed to plead down to simple assault, the affair is probably over where it might not have been otherwise.

leonard greganti and Paul Whalen faced charges of assault with a weapon (a baseball bat) causing bodily harm and gary levar and Michael delavalle faced charges of assault causing bodily harm.

it was alleged Justin Butorac was jumped, then punched and kicked by the quartet after he agreed to go outside the Verdi Hall for a one on one fight with Whalen.

one witness, george Wilson, said he had been chased around and taken a lot from greganti and that the accused's "buddies" had threatened him with a knife.

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if you heard any loud noises up on second line that day it was probably police banging their heads against cell bars, just as they probably were at the resolution of the case last week.

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