Puma Clyde Red

Puma Clyde Red

Currently, Black's research examines various aspects of the neurology of stroke and dementia, particularly Alzheimer's Disease a "huge story" unfolding given the demographics of North America.

Although the Blacks actually hailed from Bruce Mines where Sandra's father had set up his medical practice after the war, she was born in the Sault where her mother was rushed, to give birth, "in the city".

These days, Black's office windows from Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto offer a very different vista from Lake Superior.

The couple returned to Toronto, Puma Sneakers Maroon

She attributes, however, her leanings toward the sciences with a summer science camp opportunity after Grade 12. "I was chosen or invited to this university like, summer science program in Lakefield near Peterborough. For about six weeks, we worked in all the sciences in the mornings biology, physics, chemistry then had fun in the afternoons."

"In 1885, there was no such thing as maternity leave, so our son was born after I completed my Fellowship at Western and just prior to my being appointed as neurological consultant at Sunnybrook."

Despite the demanding academic schedule, Black found time to become involved increasingly in student politics and was indeed president of U of T's Victoria College at one point during those heady days of the mid to late 60s.

A few years later, the family left Bruce Mines, and the Sault can lay claim to being the hometown of four exceptional young citizens: older brother Peter, a neurosurgeon and professor at Harvard; Sandra herself, neurologist; younger sisters Susan, musician and teacher of music; and Patty, a geneticist.

"Balance is not my strong point", Black concedes, admitting she seldom takes her own advice to her own patients to relax, avoid stress and make time to exercise.

Thus began her first two real jobs concurrently.

Black emerged with an honours science degree and first year of med school, and a propensity not only it seems, to walk full tilt, but to embrace life and learning at a similar rate.

And some of Puma Light Shoes

Black sees the future as tremendously exciting for up and coming students: "If you find Puma Clyde Red something that turns you on intellectually grab on to it. The neurosciences are especially on a new frontier gaining increasing insights into the complexities of the brain."

the cottage her dad built at Pointe au Pins, and still keeps up with the news through the "bundles of packages" her mother receives regularly from friends sending correspondences and subscriptions to various newsletters and newspapers.

Puma Clyde Red

Puma Clyde Red

Puma Clyde Red

Although she doesn't get back to the Sault much anymore since her mother, Harriet Black, moved to Toronto in the mid '80s, neurologist Dr. Sandra Black agrees with Morley Turgov that the Sault is indeed "a good place to come from."

She and her colleagues have built up "quite a large enterprise" in the form of the Heart and Stroke Centre for Stroke Recovery recently recognized by Industry Canada as one of six or seven centres of excellence in the country.

Puma Clyde Red

Puma Clyde Red

"We were in the midst of it a changing world view, Vietnam, curriculum reform, student power." she recalls.

When their only son, now 23 and studying political journalism at New York University, was born, the event was timed "so as not to inconvenience anyone."

Special to Sault This Week

"It was pretty demanding," she recalls, "We (a core of about 35 students) were on the run from 8 5 every day."


Through hard work on her own, and perhaps no small bit of genetic predisposition from both parental sides: science, politics and medicine from her Scottish father music and the arts, community involvement and law from the Peterson strain through her mother, Sandra faced her post secondary studies with all options open.

Black's 28 years or so of education began at Alex Muir Elementary School in the Sault where she walked from her early home on Woodward Avenue then later from Ford Street for Grades 7 and 8 at Anna McCrea and on to high school at Sir James Dunn where, she recalls, John Stubbs was principal.

"I do try to walk," Black defends, "but it's a little fast".

She credits her husband of 40 years, Jeffery Rose, "an extremely self sufficient, forgiving and understanding man" as key to her own success as well as their family's.

those other things included matters of the heart. She met her husband "early on" during her time at Oxford he ironically, another student activist she'd "heard about" from U of T now at the London School of Economics.

Puma Clyde Red

Puma Clyde Red

Puma Clyde Red

´╗┐Neurologist Sandra Black studies the science of

During her five years there, she became fascinated with 19th century neurosciences through her readings in the philosophy of science, which afforded her the chance to "think about other things and get a broader view of life."

Puma Clyde Red

With an optimism to change the world that perhaps only a new graduate can feel, Black felt she hadn't had enough of a chance to do enough reading of history and philosophy, so with a Commonwealth Scholarship (Rhodes Scholarships were not yet being awarded to women and in fact, that year the Rhodes went to Bob Ray) Black set out for Oxford.

If you have a 1966 Aquila, the Sir James Dunn yearbook, you can read Sandra's valedictory address which summarizes her five high school years during the early '60s which record that she immersed herself in academics, sports, music and various clubs and emerged as an Ontario scholar.

she to complete her medical degree and specialize in neurology, and he to work as a city planner and ultimately become national president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

It's from the habit, she explains, developed years ago in tearing across campus during her university days at University of Toronto on a Weyerhauser scholarship to an elite biology and medical sciences program that crammed a five year course of study into four.

She remembers with fondness, summers at Puma Shoes For Men White Colour

Puma Clyde Red

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